Crab in da Bag has become Singapore’s popular Louisi-Asian Seafood Restaurant since we opened our 1st Outlet @ Big Splash on the 9th of September 2013. True to the name, we serve up seafood tossed in lip-smacking sauces made from our very own recipes and served casual-style in plastic bundles, best enjoyed with hands – a truly multi-sensory experience! We are for sure the FIRST in Singapore to serve our massive ‘Caboodle Boil’ – our very own show-stopping Southern Louisiana Seafood Boil Specialty that serves up a celebration of seafood in a gigantic pot that is drained from the boil and ceremoniously yet gently poured directly on to the table for diners to enjoy. Everyone at Crab in Da Bag is out to have a fun time, so don’t worry about the mess! Keep your phones and devices in the baskets provided (your hands won’t be clean enough to touch them anyway) and engage in real conversations with your loved ones, family, friends & colleagues – that is what real dining experience is about. So gather your loved ones, put on your bibs, and get down and messy at Crab in Da Bag!

We open on Public Holidays, including the Eves!
For Reservations, Please Call +65 9672 2836